Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quick Trip to the OBX! | Lola & Me Photography Virginia Photographer

We were invited to share a friend of mine's vacation recently. They rented a home in the OBX and very graciously invited us to come and enjoy the OBX with them on their family vacation. Such a wonderful gesture and we had such a wonderful time! So much so that Noelle cried on the 5.5 hours drive home because she wanted to go back because she missed the beach and she missed her friend Liam. Then she refused to come in the house once we got home. Anywho I wanted to share some of our vacation with you!

Two of the approximately 95 wild horses of the Outer Banks. They are majestic and simply beautiful!!

Our tour guide took a few pics for us. Great tour guide, bad photographer.
Yes another great tour guide image. It could of been worse. He could of just lopped my whole head off.

There was a pond full of turtles and Noelle was bravely feeding them by hand. I'm surprise we didn't end up bringing one home actually.
Noelle and Liam. I call this image, "Nekkid Boy and Wonder Girl!"

Liam. That boy had me in stitches. Seriously he needs to be in commercials because he's got too much personality not to be on TV.

Noelle and Liam feeding the turtles.

Liam feeding the turtles.

Noelle's favorite. POPCICLES!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jillian & Nolan | Lola & Me Photography Virginia's Family Photographer

This is Jillian & Nolan's 3rd time meeting up with me for pictures. Our first shoot was just days after they were born. WOW have they grown!! Jillian loves to fuss over Nolan but Nolan likes to make it known when he does not want to be bothered. I see this problem only getting worse during the teenage years.. =) I had a great time seeing them again!